Tyne View

Tyne View

Marie Rodger Thanks to Norman Dunn for this smashing photo of his mam, Marie Rodger who was born 1922, She’s on the left with longest dress. She’s with her cousin Jane McNeill (born 1922) and it was probably taken around 1936/37. The 2 girls still keep in touch & both still live in Hebburn. They are now 79 (80 next year).

The photo was taken at Jane’s mother’s house called ‘Tyne View’ which used to belong to Mr Tennant the Chemical Works owner. The house stood at the bottom of Prince Consort Rd, above the little road which is still there which runs to Hebburn Marina. (See extract from 1914 OS map below)

Jane’s mam rented the property which was built with tennis courts, gardens, indoor bathroom/toilets and later had a phone. It was obviously built as a house for Mr Tennant. All this luxury in the 1800’s.

On an old map the house is referred to as ‘Hebburn Hall’ (not to be confused with Hebburn Hall Infirmary)

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Tyne Wiew Location

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