World War One – Victory Street Party (Arthur Street, Hebburn Colliery) 1919

WW! Victory Party

Thanks to Don Scott for this wonderful old photo

The man on back row (centre) holding the baby is Don’s Grandfather, John Wilkinson Kirtley. Sitting just in front of him is Don’s Grandmother, Elizabeth, and to his right is ‘Cat’ Thompson, the coalman who lived next door to them at No.44.

The baby is Don’s mother, Nancy (Siddle), now aged 83 and living in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Mal Siddle recognises J W the centre(holding baby). To the right is Billy Sinclar. In front of J W Kirtley is his wife Elizabeth. To the right is Mrs Wiggam. To the left is Mrs Corby (Mary Ann Thompsons sister). In front of Mrs Corby is Mrs Lizzie Stevenson. To the right is Mrs Sinclar.

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