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Joyce Price is another of the Hebburn Website’s best friends. She has been extremely supportive since the venture was started and has supplied some smashing family photos. So I reckon she’s definitely worth her own page.

In church street
The young Joyce demonstrating her infamous one-point turn technique. The photo was taken near her grandma’s house in Church Street (near Hawthorne Leslies)
In park

Joyce, her mam & dad and younger brother David photographed in Hebburn Park in the same year the Site Editor was born (but you’ll have to guess when because I’m not telling)

Station Bridge
Joyce’s cousin Eddie, her Auntie Margaret (who would have been 106 by now) and her grandma (who would have been 130 this July). The photo was taken about 1932 from the Hebburn side of the bridge looking towards the Newtown. You can just see the old street lamp in the background and a Persil advert on the hoarding at the left hand side.
ST Andrews
Aunt Margaret and cousin Eddie in front of St. Andrews Church a year or two later
Great Granda
Great Granda Thomas Robinson, taken in his back yard in the early 1900s.
Joyce’s mam (Doris) when she was in the Auxilliary Fire Service during WWII. The photo was taken in Monkton Village
Al and Nancy
This brilliant photo was taken in Canada in the 1920’s and shows Joyce’s Auntie Nancy and Uncle Al Broadbent
The Broadbents
The Broadbents
Lily & Al

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