Hebburn riverside

Hebburn Riverside

The riverside has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. Where once stood evidence of a proud shipbuilding and seagoing tradition, much of the riverside is now a landscaped ‘leisure amenity’.

Pelaw Staithes
Old photo looking east from Pelaw Staithes (Norman Dunn Collection)

Royal Yacht visiting the river (Eric Flack)

Tall Ships leaving the Tyne
Minesweeper passing down a much busier river in the 1980s (Norman Dunn Collection)

Patrick Brennan’s photos of the Shell tanker Humilaria entering Palmers middle drydock August 1966

Palmers Advertisement
from the Jarrow Municipal Handbook
issued in 1961 (found by Patrick Brennan

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View along the Hebburn riverside from Bill Quay

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This shot was taken from the riverbank directly below rail crossing next to the Bushing Co.
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A slightly different view from same location
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The wooden walkway at the the east end of the riverside park

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Same location, looking across to what was the Naval Yard.
Friars Goose
Looking west towards the old Harrison’s yard at Friars Goose (Norman Dunn Collection)
Cammell Laird’s in the news at the moment so this photo of the GLAS DOWR which is at the yard, taken 08 May 2001just after she undocked
Fort George
The FORT GEORGE having just entered Cammell Laird No2 dry-dock on 10 May 2001
Mighty Servant
Rig arrived 14/04/01 from Benin (West Africa) on heavy load carrier MIGHTY SERVANT 3. But couldn’t be floated off as Tyne isn’t deep enough, so on 17/04/01 it was taken to the Tees to be off loaded and then towed back up to its present location
Riverrside view 1

Looking eastwards along the river – May Bank Holiday 2001. The Amazone rig and Titan 3 crane can be seen on the far bank.

The Amazone rig was built in1982 at Storde in Norway
Titan 3
Titan III Crane
Riverside view 2
This photo looks westward towards Felling
– again May Bank Holiday 2001
Riverside view 3
Same day, taken from below the Bushing Company, looking westwards

Esso Northumbria

Launch of Esso Northumbria

Esso Northumbria
1980s Launch
1980s Launch
1980s Launch

Try this link for some unusual and interesting panoramic photos of the riverside taken by Dave Gallagher.
Panoramic Riverside Photos

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