Hebburn riverside

People at Work

Bede Burn Slag Quarry

John Niven’s photo of Maintaince Electrical Department Palmers Dock Hebburn Nov. 81

M V Hopecrown in Leslies 1943

Hawthorne Leslie’s Fitters (pre war)

Jean Birrel’s (centre) 1953 photo of
L&N stores staff (corner of Carr / Ellison Streets)

Palmers Docking Squad

Frazers Drawing Office
about 1953 (2 photos)

Hebburn Coal Trimmers

Palmers Canteen Staff 1955

Reyrolle Relay Shop about 1953

Reyrolles Relay Shop

Another from the Relay Test
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Can you help identfy this mystery photo?

The Cammell Laird Docking Squad

Hebburn Station

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